• Nigel Lythgoe
    Nigel LythgoeCo-Founder

    Executive Producer of “American Idol”. Co-Creator, Executive Producer, and Judge on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

  • Adam Shankman
    Adam ShankmanCo-Founder

    Director / Producer, “The Last Song,” “Step Up 3D,” “Hairspray,” “A Walk to Remember,” and “The Wedding Planner.”.

  • Jane Jalenko
      Jane JalenkoTreasurer

      Founding President, Center Dance Arts

    • Lindsey Breeden
      Lindsey BreedenCo-Chairman

      Brand Builder, Entrepreneur & Speaker. Partner @ 47 B Street.

    • Nelson Diaz
      Nelson DiazCo-Chairman

      Manager and Producer, BTB Management

    • Jenna Elfman
      Jenna ElfmanActress
    • Anita Mann
        Anita MannDancer / Choreographer
      • Fabrice Calmels
          Fabrice CalmelsJoffreyBallet Principal Dancer


        A Dance Education Specialist, Danae brings many years of experience across a variety of dance sectors. Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, she holds a double Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts (Dance) & Education (Secondary) from the Queensland University of Technology and has provided dance instruction & training in public schools, studios, and universities, in a range of dance forms and teacher training programs in Australia, the UK and the United States.

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        While working in the UK as Head of Dance at Jo Richardson Community School in East London, she developed inclusive standards based dance curriculum across grade levels K-12, working closely with the feeder elementary schools, higher education institutions and other dance organizations to provide sequential experiences in dance. She integrated dance programs and special youth dance initiatives to extended creative and performing experiences for gifted and talented students, working on projects with Wayne McGregor (Ballroom Scene for Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire), Youth Dance England, The Royal Ballet School Project, The Royal Academy of Dance (school based teacher mentor), the Center for Advance Training Program (C.A.T) in Dance at Laban and The Place, C-12 Dance Theatre and others – helping to guide future careers in dance. Danae has served as schools and community program manager for Luna Dance Institute and the San Francisco Ballet’s Center for Dance Education. Volunteering her time on a variety of boards and dance projects, Danae is Past President of the California Dance Education Association (CDEA), member of the Friends of AXIS Dance Company and an active member of several dance/education based organizations here and abroad. Freelancing as a Dance Education consultant, she is dedicated to maintaining high standards for dance and dance education, broadening the dance audience base and moving the dance profession forward.


        • Stephen “Twitch” Boss
          Stephen “Twitch” BossDancer / Choreographer / Actor
        • Sydney D. Holland
          Sydney D. HollandProducer / Philanthropist
        • Elizabeth Berkley
          Elizabeth BerkleyActor
        • Julie McDonald
          Julie McDonaldCo-owner of McDonald Selznick Associates


        • René Jones
            René JonesDirector @ UTA Foundation
          • Amy Fitterer
              Amy FittererExecutive Director - Dance USA
            • Patricia Ward Kelly
              Patricia Ward KellyCreative Director, Gene Kelly: The Legacy
            • Susan McGreevy-Nichols
              Susan McGreevy-NicholsExecutive Director National Dance Education Organization
            • Jeff Thacker
                Jeff ThackerDirector / Producer
              • Renae Williams Niles
                Renae Williams NilesDirector of Advancement, USC Kaufman School of Dance
              • Melissa Lake
                Melissa LakeExecutive Director, ONEHOPE Foundation

              ARTIST COUNCIL

              • Mark Ballas
                Mark BallasDancer / Choreographer
              • Rachel Moore
                Rachel MoorePresident and CEO, The Music Center of Los Angeles
              • Travis Wall
                  Travis WallDancer / Choreographer
                • Louis Van Amstel
                    Louis Van AmstelDancer / Choreographer
                  • Stacey Tookey
                    Stacey TookeyDancer / Choreographer and Artistic Director For Still Motion Dance Company
                  • Jamal Sims
                      Jamal SimsDancer / Choreographer
                    • Mia Michaels
                        Mia MichaelsDancer / Choreographer
                      • Spencer Liff
                          Spencer LiffDancer / Choreographer
                        • Derek Hough
                          Derek HoughActor / Dancer
                        • Mary Murphy
                          Mary Murphy
                        • Tabitha Dumo
                          Tabitha DumoDancer / Choreographer
                        • Alex Wong
                          Alex WongDancer / Choreographer
                        • Chehon Wespi-Tschopp
                          Chehon Wespi-TschoppDancer / Choreographer
                        • Christopher Scott
                          Christopher ScottDancer / Choreographer / Director
                        • Allison Holker
                          Allison HolkerDancer / Choreographer
                        • Napoleon Dumo
                          Napoleon DumoDancer / Choreographer
                        • Dmitry Chaplin
                            Dmitry ChaplinDancer / Choreographer
                          • Mandy Moore
                              Mandy MooreDancer / Choreographer

                            NEW YORK DANCE COUNCIL

                            • Rob Ashford
                                Rob Ashford
                              • Josh Bergasse
                                  Josh BergasseDancer / Choreographer / Actor
                                • Kathleen Marshall
                                    Kathleen Marshall
                                  • Sara Mearns
                                      Sara MearnsDancer
                                    • Jerry Mitchell
                                        Jerry Mitchell
                                      • Susan Stroman
                                          Susan StromanChoreographer / Director
                                        • Sergio Trujillo
                                            Sergio TrujilloDancer / Choreographer
                                          • Christopher Wheeldon
                                              Christopher WheeldonDancer / Choreographer